Dirndline – traditional costumes for the beerfestival of the year

Tie your bodice and fix your aprons, all you beer-maids out there! Let`s go on a Dirndl-shoppingtour.
The exclusive brand „Dirndline“ comes with cheeky designs. The Dirndl`s we offer are sexy and short, made of brocade and jeans or very traditional with checkered patterns and lace. The blouses are produced in beautiful soft cotton. You are a Fashionista that wants to stand out of the crowd? We have a category “design” with all new, fresh and specially made products especially for you.

No matter if you’re looking for something for the Oktoberfest, beer festival, something different for your local fair or you simply love traditional Bavarian costumes. Our collection of exclusive and traditional costumes has everything a dirndl fan could want.
So through yourself into style, grab a few pretzels and fill up your beer mugs.

On your marks, get some pretzles… GO!